Saturday, April 23, 2011

Piggy Back

"Our analysis of the search vs. news trends of key figures may shed some light on how effective manufactured public opinion as a methodology is. Consider a bot net (ie: Coreflood, Mariposa, Bredolab, Rustock et. al.) used for this purpose.

"Foreign nationals are the first exposed. Laundering the command and control path through foreign resources gives the source more time to cover-up should it be necessary. Crime perpetrated with yields less than some arbitrary amount are used as a investigatory diversion."

Does she know?
"Petty crime as a carrier?"

"Not necessarily petty, but yes. Another example, chain emails. Had the big email providers not adopted sophisticated pattern detection to reduce runaway spam, who would have guessed that hidden agendas could so easily ride on the medium?

"Think now how Stuxnet brought home the consequences of being behind the power curve on ostensibly 'trusted' technology."

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