Thursday, April 21, 2011

"Two things to keep in mind. 1) we have background footage of the area and key staging sites within it 2) going live can be accomplished on a moments notice."

"A local agent for the competition has been identified that we might turn. She/he seems amenable to the prime directive, as defined herein."

The vigor of the interchange was not surprising to any of them. What it revealed beyond the expected, was. The cool veneer that effectively cloaked the machinations of the deception machine were just starting to break down.

Propaganda, historically, was a messaging paradigm. Research to compose the message. Broadcast it. Test results. At first too may bottlenecks in the 'conversation' machinery to make it useful as a countermeasure. Things have changed.

Big-owners as a class extends far back into US history.  The methods used to protect them have morphed over time as the system sought equilibrium. The friendly sources seeking to mitigate the effects of irresponsible big-owners have new tools. The bottle necks to conversation are yielding quickly to the wide and inexpensive availability of interactive technology (including easy-to-use networks).

In response to the rapid development of virtually free globally interactive communications, the currency of the realm has shifted accordingly. Pure secrecy necessarily is being subordinated to obfuscation, disinformation, disruption etc. That being said, whistle blowing's volume has increased in inverse proportion to the attendant risk. It is still a great source of raw material for productive inquiry.

"Jubal, would have been proud.", she grinned.

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