Saturday, April 9, 2011

Conspiracy Theory #2367

'Free' perspective?
"A large part of my job is evaluating the opportunity to use automation in detecting, for lack of a better term, organized internet vandalism.  I suspect we all have seen it in one form or another. The research so far indicates a great deal of it comes from just a few sources, so detection would be valuable in counteracting its negative impacts." As he spoke, a map was rendered showing paths to specific points of origin.

"We can't see tunnel activity but the end points are visible if we have an idea where to look for them. I am thinking of the conceptual adjacency of end-points and even-horizon or VPN tunnel and non-visibility of a black hole."

They had discussed at length the need for both perception control and invisibility. Many a historical precedent had shown that given sufficient capital, mass deception was doable. Eventually social perception catches up to deception and a remedy becomes inevitable.  Accelerating that process was their mission. Understanding the relevant mechanisms was the first step.

Information Theory
Ultimately, it is pivotal to delineate information from meaning. Whether a given primal unit of information is relevant to each is much of what our quest is about. Is overlap coincidental or necessarily the case?

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  1. VPN applications, sock puppetry, 'news' manipulation, 'bandwagon'