Saturday, April 2, 2011

Good News, Bad News

"The good news: we know how they have been doing it.  The bad news: just how entrenched they are in this most vital of society's resources."

Ownership Mischief
"The conflict has reached critical mass and this little peace of information seems trite."

Closer to home, the revelation that someone close to the inner circle had patent troll sympathies created a dilemma for him. Creatives fell into the vulnerable category by default. Openness and sharing key to productivity.

She could be easily manipulated at first, and so could he. But the robust nature of their rapport made up for lost ground fast. The often missing ingredient, unfettered exchange. Vertical dominance (think silos and gravity) preventing lateral interchange. Ownership abuse is even too polite a term for the ugly effects of this type of 'entitlement'.

"Is the trend to population centers and the large dropoff in geographically dispersed service providers explained by any of the following?

1) Dramatic lowering of aggregators in search results?
2) Partner's big changes (perhaps in response to 1)?
3) Lock downs for some unknown reason(s)?"

Interactive Presentation
"Too early to tell, I suspect. The recent west coast technology summit in Woodside is interesting in this regard. The sequence and the timing are a good match."

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