Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Organic, Then and Now

"A feature of the field of bio-mimicry. How it translates to technology assisted networking on a large scale and in the scaling process. Punctuated equilibrium, the spikes delineate the story's chapters."

Nature's Reverence
"Bullets in a keynote presentation?"

"On the way there, I suspect."

Just earlier this morning watching an interview one could have been left with the question, "But why?" Then arbitrarily asking the same of the nature of biology unfolding. The operative word, arbitrarily.

The roll of deception in successful organizational models?  In a word, limited? If the intention is to deceive - as in a nearby predator that sees you as its next meal. Pretend to be a nearby rock by changing your skin colors. It seems mass deception that benefits a self-selected few is something altogether different.

"The propagation of authentic gratitude is part and parcel of organic networking. As is the courage to share in the face of intimidation." Conversations based on productive intent provide fertile ground for a better world. All the more so, when visible to the cloud.

"Need we cite the reference again?", she said looking around the room. The expressions on several faces prompted, "Perhaps for the newcomers, then."

Sometimes the best way to address complexity is to relax into knowing.

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