Tuesday, September 28, 2010

On Your Dial

Quiet. Its about to start.
"Quick, turn the radio on."

She scrambled through the clutter to the end of bench and turned up the volume. A final check on the mission status.

The clock said it was almost 10 am and the sun was just peeking out from the clouds. The crisp fall air was turning into the legendary Indian Summer that makes summers here world class.

Both were already dressed for the excursion. Just a few years back what they planned to do would be considered magical thinking.  Yet there was virtually no risk that real value would result on this occasion.

She thumbed through the gadget check list. Don't forget the antenna this time. Even these days, the cell sites need a little help in the Gorge. The hotter the signal the better the bandwidth. The uncertainty and the effort to compensate was still a big part of the fun, of course.

Signal distribution unencumbered by restraints on topology, at least relatively so. Seeing from the shoulders of giants bringing new insight. By the time they set up camp and just as the sun sets, their video chat will likely reach great distances. You see, long dendrites have great potential. 'twas so long before prolific distance sharing.

Birds too.

Kitty won't see the turtle moving at his top speed. Even if the turtle did not have a shell, the cat is not a threat. The technical geeks understand the concept of bandpass.  They often miss the application of the general concept, though. Imagination is magic mix of turtles, birds and cats, and enhanced with the warm orange glow of the campfire light.

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