Saturday, April 10, 2010

Global Function

If we come in here as if from afar, the searchlight llluminates a traveling spot. Its path pivots around a 'point' most significant to attention, a handy datum. The contrast in the path's area uniquely names a person as if prescribed by nature in infancy. Its two parameters, width of trail and size of circle best determined by just enough stable detail. Stability's wavelength? Decades, or at least many years.

Is the code one of those special bridges? Is it because it is influenced not by history or volition? Or is it just an emergent benefit? Dynamic identity Field tracked for the convenience and benefit of its 'owner'. Therein lies that heretofore elusive aspect of individual and collective artifacts.

"Look here at the red light.", he darkened the room with the century old instrument in his left hand leaving his right free to discover if their is anything to improve in this most precious of the senses. Eye to eye and voice to voice they cooperate in a simple dance with deep implications for cognition.

He needed glasses before he actually got them. A long story about the eye doctor's son. Fascinating how the history could be mapped onto this project. Much decoding was made possible with the sight function. Knowing what best to see … Another big piece in a puzzle of a still indeterminate size.

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