Wednesday, April 21, 2010


A one person, one vote organization whose charter is to serve those who vote, fairly by using the clout of the organization to reinforce the perception of each's integrity in dealing with third parties.

As an example the organization (hereinafter referred to as BecauseTheNameWasTaken or BTNIT) could facilitate a large variety of surety bounds on behalf of individuals and those with which they deal:

Surety Bond - a BTNIT Function
Surety - usual supplier
Member - an individual
Obligee - third party - to be protected

Another example is Consumer Reports. They provide as service for a fee that is not influenced by advertisers (they do not accept advertising)

The key is to make individual identities the FOUNDATION of a dyanmic organization. Though the size may change (hopefully grow) and the members change, the continuity presents a united front to other organization types for purposes of maintaining the value of each individual.

Something to keep in mind regarding security and the BTNIT model:

• Exclusionary model of security. Find and eliminate bad guys.
• Inclusionary model of security. Friends are included. Those that are left over are considered not friendly.

BTNIT is Inclusionary Security

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