Thursday, July 8, 2010

In A Dream

Tear down this monument to reason. How is it reasonable that so many suffer needlessly? Wake up. We will not allow any more self-serving denial in the name of consistency, tradition and loyalty. At long last, have you no shame sir?

Why should a life expire? Perhaps to make way for the better in the form of the new. We have come to that promised fork in the road. You know, the one where we can continue on the path of selective attention and be oblivious to the terrifying truth that this truly is a great design and ego will have to adjust to the idea of a 'lifetime'.

Ok, why did he leave it there? What about the other path(s). Ahh… the emergent ones. The paths we choose to make rather than the one, by default, that is chosen for us. Courage, you scare me. The backyard I know, it is safe … if a bit boring.

So, ride captain ride on your crystal ship. The magic carpet exits are on your right. Please wait until will come to a complete stop before disembarking.

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