Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What Does That Mean?

"As you know, our sponsor puts very few constraints on our project. The most important is that we communicate through the machine as much as possible especially to the outside and monitor and improve the machine in the process."

From The Stone Tower
"Well, our challenge now is bringing new participants up to speed. Some of them do not immediately have the benefit of direct interaction. They commonly say something to the effect that its hard to understand what we are talking about. The caption linking should help but it will take some time to implement."

"Remember the guy who suggested the connection between that hot cable TV entertainer famous for tweaking and skin heads in the town close to Canadian border?"

As the discussion continued, it became clear this would be a great test. Vet through the machine, test in low-risk venues, share ownership, reward productive creativity, carefully throttle growth etc. Maybe someday soon they would know just why this group was assembled.  No matter. The rewards were sufficient for now.  And too, it was satisfying work.

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