Monday, August 30, 2010

Of Contracts and Abuse

"Our competition has the wherewithal to simply outbid us for talent? They will likely pay more, much more, to prevent us from getting the manpower we need. Remember many of these kids are paying off huge student loans."

"I was going to say we could make our offer like going to work for the Peace Corp. The contract for those student loans could be a major stumbling block. Perhaps there is a way to force the lenders into a holding pattern?"

NGO Version Notes
This activity is just plain fun, he thought. Instead of turning to afflictive emotion as designed by the nefarious and misguided, look from above with the cunning of a competent chess player. A least one very popular religious text turned the story of short-term thinkers into something ominous and intractable. Though the story had merit in identifying the characteristics of sub-optimal operating behavior, the motivational nature of the presentation was a bit short-sighted.

As he poked around in his cognitive surroundings for ideas, suddenly it occurred to him, "the anonymity barrier … the contributor could moonlight working like a whistle blower, her name and other identifying information hidden in encrypted form but linked inextricably to her contribution.

"You have a right to a private conversation. You have a right to congregate freely. You have a right …"

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