Sunday, August 1, 2010


"But there are those who see something very attractive in making the resources available to a lot of folk not approved by the managed vetting mechanisms. Lucky me and I am suggesting, lucky you."

"Why are you telling me this?", a strange conversation this was. Yet on another level vaguely familiar - was it a dream?

"Because you discovered the [signaling key]".

"But just about anybody could do that.", he stated the obvious.

"True, but we are running many experimental key stations. For whatever reason you were in close proximity to one that is performing well. I am guessing from your response that the match appeals to you."

"Match?", still confused but now he suspected that this conversation would lead to further clarification.

"We have been looking for a correlation of .70 or better. Your best was .75. Discovering the key is part of the candidate filtering in several of the experiments."

"Well, I have a number of questions then."

"I will answer what I can."

"Match with what?"

"We synthesize profiles based on roughly 32 weighted variables.  You are matched to that population using a customized correlation algorithm."

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