Monday, August 2, 2010


"The Owners have spoken, now it is your turn, speak to them not their minions. When you are 'fighting' their propaganda, you are playing their game. When you expose them you are playing yours. When you want to destroy you are playing their game (and they will win again.) When you have compassion for their failings as stewards of their own long-term future, you are playing yours.

Profit included.
"Do this only if it makes sense to you. First, if it does not make sense, you are more well suited to following something that does make sense to you. Second, cynicism is its own reward.  There are far more efficient ways of abdicating."

After the customary rationalizations about winning the war, a few decide the war was and is unnecessary. And fewer still have the wisdom to systematically replace it with a better conflict resolver. To take a reasonable precedent, the advent of electric lighting, as a commercial example. Light not at the whim of the season but on demand. More can be learned about the propagation of happiness when there is light.  So lets make some, I suspect somebody will show their appreciation and provide us with the wherewithal to repeat the process.

And what of the tension between incentive and ownership?.  Is it time we turn human ingenuity to this now ugly duckling of the industrial age? What is the advanced cognition solution to this recently emergent major polluter of the human spirit?

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