Saturday, August 7, 2010

Where Least Expected

"This suggests that our adversary has infiltrated our dysfunctioning message distribution system.  They take advantage of its one to many paradigm to stenographically hide the command message's destination cell."

"Yes, and ironic that it is embedded in the propaganda content of their worst enemy.", not just ironic, brilliant he had to admit.

Difficult at first to implement but the risk of detection, near zero. They have to settle for a mere probability that the message will arrive, but a high probability is good enough.

When one believes one's own propaganda there is the risk of underestimating the opposition's resourcefulness. And further, to not take into consideration how invention and innovation are amplified by the disparity between the adversaries in favor of the ostensibly lesser player.

Pirates, perhaps.  Even great ones. But the new seas modulated and made smaller by the speed of interaction honed over more than a century. What if Tesla were alive today? 

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