Saturday, August 14, 2010

Life Extension

"Asymmetry versus asymmetry, I like it."

"The situation seems to seek a natural equilibrium given a wide enough scope. We may well have arrived here sooner if we had just been patient enough. For whatever its worth, I am of a mind that the soup bridge has been telling us this for some time." He gestured to the side log.

More than a few of the folks involved were getting lost in the technical explanations. In the absence of named connections, some aspect of the communique had to appeal to an 'informed faith'. Reinforced adjacent concepts had served well in the past.

Seldom has the link between linguistics and logic been so consequential. Using the predictable rhythms and deep awareness, the team and the machine were now getting close to the 'master suicide gene' for lack of a better name. Conditional Apoptosis as a model, best yet.

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