Sunday, August 8, 2010

Zoom Out

"We have both geographic and hierarchical  evidence. The location of this activity is centered on a wealthy and largely anonymous area of the country. Both manifestations are diametrically opposed in the public view, or should we say in the view believed by the public largely in response to the media's portrayal of them."

"But they are so different. How could that possibly be?"

Bridge Ahead
"Their existence and the conflict between them serve to obscure their common funding source and the true target of the carefully crafted delusion."

"Anonymous at the top, then."

"I like your choice of words." One advantage of circumventing formal education - surprise summations from other ordinary folk.

They need us. If we only knew, we do not need them. Attractive opportunity, to be sure. The vulnerability of our abstraction mechanism:  Without sufficient communication, we are easily led astray by short-term agendas.

The rivers isolate us as they feed us. There is a time when the isolation is better transcended and a bridge is built.  Then another. Each time bringing more to the geography that surrounds the water.

South Florida and fundamentalist close in ways heretofore unimagined?

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