Thursday, August 5, 2010

Parasitic Exploit

"To be frank, I don't have sufficient experience in these matters. The blizzard of legally required documents, while probably well intentioned, merely obscures for me the practical consequences of a legitimate transaction."

Further, the collection of connected statements before them had several notable threads for the study of emergent exploitation. As independent action grew within the machine, the possibility of a destructive resonance grew also.  It went something like: - vulnerability inadvertently constructed - somewhat inappropriate patch to counteract - weakness grows as a result and becomes resistant to the patch … soon the same pattern repeats.

Wild can be a frame of mind.
Presumably, we are about to find an efficient remedy for these unwanted oscillations.  Chances are, a combination of dampening and precise timing with just enough patience will achieve our objectives. The nearly adjacent grooves, the biggest challenge. Linear momentum a solution that lowered temporal granularity.

"Please understand, when the log is first accessible it is still being written for vetting by the machine. You cannot know for sure that what you are seeing is the best that can be done with regard to disclosure. The good news, if you do interact with the data in a preliminary state, it eventually enhances the vetting capacity of the machine in the context of specific issue. Further, propagation to more general contexts can be assumed.

Dealing with complex indirection, no shortcuts discovered yet, but the latest rules of thumb seemed to be helping with the newest team member. The wild card remained, to grow fast enough for the perceived urgency there was a very large and opaque unknown that surely was at wide variance with the organic model they were developing. Undoubtedly, that rapid growth led to unintended consequences ...

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