Saturday, August 21, 2010

Critical Path 101

"It is a common pattern, define a function by its limits and the variations along those limits."

"But it is easily confused with the sample data it is supposed to frame."

G1- Extreme Left, G2 - Extreme Right, G3 The Rest of Us
The architecture of pattern recognition is critically important to those wishing to channel behavior. Its global inputs (especially along the time dimension) require a lot of real-time processing to visualize. Presentation speed and sequence need familiar hooks.

"Take a run at a quick story board, I'll try to keep up?", he wondered out loud. Who does what? She could noodle a lietmotif quickly? She was very adept at expressing her mood with impromptu composition. Perhaps it was to big a jump for a puppy?

Just a few days ago, he interviewed an eclectic thinker/musician and needed more time for it to percolate than with the others. Yet for some reason, he had juxtapositioned that fact with something that on first blush seemed highly independent. 'Resolution' popped into his mind. Something about the last note.


  1. A very easy to understand explanation with the figures you show. Both the extreme right and left are very "tribal." They find it difficult to understand the wisdom of people outside their own group, and do not see the benefit of cooperation with people from other groups.

    I think that people in the middle of the political spectra have to become more vocal, and start cooperation between various groups. This is also the essence of the politic of Obama - bringing people together and talk with each other to find common ground for solutions. This is in my view the future and the new society we have to aspire to.

  2. Thank you for the cogent feedback, Torgny. I especially like the "tribal' (us and them) reference. Once the anonymous manipulators are exposed, the new communication paradigm will start to dramatically bridge the tribal isolation to which you refer.