Thursday, August 26, 2010

If This, Then That, Dammit

He seemed to be yearning for a certain scientific creativity. The longing, to put a crude but true spin on it, was pathology. Just outside, opportunity, that is a given (something about free will and change). It was close at his feet right below his line of rigorously educated sight. Just how the opportunity was special went something like this: An identity is about to be born, the metaphysical one of the Buckminster Fuller kind. The bridge class - escape to transcendence. Shame drive to a master drive. 

The Master
"…what you know, Grasshopper. What you know. Get my drift?"

"Sort of. Concrete looking for recipe still, so-to-speak.  Thank you.", the reply.

Shame has little value as a motivational tool in the context of people accustomed to freedom and its associated responsibility. Informed encouragement is its productive counterpart.

Ok Nameless, stop wagging your tail and listen. I've got a new trick for you, sniff this:

Process output feeds one input of the experience filter which is coupled to one of the said process's inputs. Think stochastic technique capable of real-time adaptation.

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