Friday, August 13, 2010

Relevant Topology

"Keep in mind what we mean when we say 'political design'.  This is not some, say, graphic art to promote a political agenda. This is strategic architecting of the political field of play. A Demming style system's approach to finding an optimal set of rules for governance of a defined environment. Much of what appears as design is emergent. But good design in this context stimulates cognitive emergence."
The Buzz
Working back in time from this commentary would involve control theory, certainly. But what is non-obvious, yet essential? Where should we look? Resolving 'Why' and 'Action', a familiar pattern in our work of late. It will likely provide a clue.
"Aren't we needing to resolve the issue of index updating for edited log material first?", she reminded them.
"Good point, we have, as yet to even answer how access-and-update in the machine has morphed since the last time it was our focus.", he turned to the monitor and gestured to increase scope.

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