Wednesday, August 4, 2010


"I can't believe we have to do this with that word." he threw up his hands in mild disgust.

Once again, they had to admit that word 'baggage' had accumulated like barnacles on a boat. The hull's integrity depended on their diligence now. The strategy, regard reversing the deception as useful regardless of whether or not such deceit was intended.

Connotation is part of the model. And to some degree manipulation of connotation may be significant. Intent, so hard to define in detail yet key.

"So, in the material you have presented, it is used over and over again as if it had a universal meaning. itt clearly does not.", she observed.

"Precisely.", he confirmed.

The pall of their frustration began to lift.  Instead of distraction, they came upon evidence and hope.  The deep hues of wisdom began to show like bright flowers in bloom. Trust, what is the source of … trust?

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