Monday, August 23, 2010

Market Needs a New Drug

"No wonder they are so threatened. The interactive broadband technology is now accessible to the non-rich. It is not enough to put on a good show and build the 'perception' of good times in a large passive broadcast audience. These folks are now of a mind to reply in kind with a show of their own.

"The desperate move to stop innovation in its tracks and preserve the control paradigm (those who have 'earned' -- or inherited -- a large balance sheet should decide for all.) is under a concerted challenge. How can this be? The market for low-cost interactive collaboration has become huge and lucrative."

So, it all begged the question, why so little whistleblowing inside the manipulated media?

"A big story of our time is the electronic form of whistleblowing." Owner or possessor disclosure could be an important value to the general economy. Having the secret wherewithal for personal comfort is far different than having anonymous power over others.  To lump them together serves a few to the detriment of others.

"The issue going forward is the degree to which certain parties have far more power than they can responsibly manage. A compelling argument has been made that this is precisely the case. Further, the economy is considered by most to be in very poor shape, as a result."

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