Monday, August 16, 2010


That connection is going to require an adaptor that does not yet exist. To big a leap? 

At some point there is convergence, that we can assume. But grouping these sub-identities is that what we really want? Is this leading to one or more unnamed primitives?

Step back.
 I can't see.
You were just there.
But I was not paying attention.
Are you sure?
… I see what you mean.

Learn from this exchange? A reasonable request (but with a motive).  Causing an expected response to which a canned observation is expressed. And then the revelation. The scope was too narrow at the start, it begged a widening. The guide engages the subject as a parent does a child.  But we are not talking of two, only the one.

What do we miss when we are not engaged? Something. It is always something. If it matters, and attention is not diverted, that which is missed is just as well ignored. But what about another case? Caution rules, its cause, not explicit. Something will get the available attention and the rest will be ... recycled?

Thrashing around, I know not why. Does it mean anything? Interview pending.

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