Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dawn's Preamble

Welcome, please make yourself comfortable. Over a matter of hours, at most days, a prototype manifesto will emerge.  It will describe at a top level one plausible plan to respond to the maturation and imminent demise of a decades old global operational model. Editing will be done in place, here.  

Two Wolves in Morning's Light
Why here? Because of a way in which an individual's knowledge can be robustly connected to the largest cognitive mechanism ever conceived or assembled by man. The way in which you are reading this is a partial example of the interface's potential.

Before we begin: A special thanks to the wonderful minds who have contributed to this effort so far.  You know who you are.  Rest assured, your control over disclosure of your identity remains at the top of our core principles.

"If I had bet heavily on continued mass deception to sustain rapid growth of my finances and power and recently discovered that this assumption was about to expire what should I do? Let us further assume that the trend forcing the end of a lucrative ride is, in a practical sense, irreversible. Further, that the mass deception has been very complex owing, in large part, to maintaing secrecy in the face of a global influence and therefor, exposure.

"I would need time. Promoted a vigorous civil cold war, sold arms to both sides in the conflict. Found partners willing to sacrifice long term human integrity for short term regional gain (bigoted nation-states are good candidates as are propaganda driven organizations.) Hired managers willing to sacrifice the dignity of subordinate managers, employees and customers. Doing so in a futile attempt to satiate greed (insecurity)."

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