Thursday, August 19, 2010

Seems Like Magic

On his carefully designed touch the glass spun, much as a glass would sing with the motion of a wet finger traveling its rim. Around the table, all eyes were drawn to the spectacle. The subject had not changed, quite the opposite. The power of minds working together on that subject was clearly demonstrated.

Underlying currents of varying frequencies and intensities, though with us always, are seldom directly perceived.

"Is the lesson of the recent machine presentation how pervasive cognitive symmetries may be?"

And while we are here, I have some further thoughts: Attenuate sensors as a function of increasing frequency as one technique for implementing patience.  The way such filtering is accomplished has a number of implications. The latency between measurement and filter output being, perhaps, the most important.

To take a cue from one of nature's auditory sensors, sense frequencies directly as does the human cochlea and perform the 'gain' function on each as it is sensed. A magnificent instrument honed over eons.

Sensing in the frequency domain.

"Urgency virtually stretches time, the parallel nature of artificial cognition increases speed.  Between the two, my guess is we have enough time and velocity to use nature's wisdom on the current crisis."

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