Friday, August 20, 2010

The Jar, Don't Break It

"Its the cookie diet.", they all smiled and in due course he continued, "The first task is to better understand the behavior of the surveillance from the user perspective. In order to do this we have set up an environment that can monitor data coming to and from the store.

"Ideally, we would know ahead of time that we are starting with a 'clean' node device. Getting to a truly sterile one would take more time than we have, so know that we are less than sure we are dealing with something that clean."

Risk tolerance and its measurement, essential to their comprehensive trust mechanism. The trickier part? Anticipating the impact on measurement of moving the perimeter outward. Though pushing the envelope had served them well historically it was not without an occasional disruptive episode. This time it could well go to the heart of the security that they had accumulated.

Trust, like emotion, near the top of the abstraction hierarchy and both have deep historical roots. Granularity of agent identities somehow related … no doubt. Why?


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