Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Zero Point

"The 'zero point energy' can be thought of as a ground potential. It is realized in synergy rather than energy and only when applied by synthesized order?"

A quarky question if there ever was one. Incidentally my favorite colors are charm and strange. One dude says, void another, The One.  I am confused and meander down the middle at the suggestion of someone in funky red and gold threads who is quite comfortable with his direction.

She responds to touch, as the animals do. They take care of each other.

A tavern in the sticks where a fire is a cracklin' in response to gray drizzly August day. The flame is red and yellow (maybe gold) too, warm to the skin and friendly like the aforementioned cosmic guide who sees with his heart. The sweet smell of wood aglow - wasted not one bit - a long time coming.

Sound of a drummer tuned to raw beauty, guitar played like no other and a quintessential bad, bad boy vocalist. On the way home.  Frankly, it felt like I never left.

It will rumble a bit. Then recede. The inclination is to regret. But as if to set a wave in motion, a primal beat sets the stage. Its her job after all. Listen up.

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