Saturday, August 7, 2010

Journey Toward Source

"Then the story is assembled based on a combination of the transform decoder and the story sequencer.  The transform decoder primarily alters verb tenses, provides antecedents etc. In the process, the protagonist, antagonist(s) and other characters are revealed. The story sequencer puts the scenes in presentation order.

It is important to note that these modules interact rather than one preceding the other.  The result, a choice of presentation styles that can be evaluated for their desired impact."

This was starting to make some sense. The topology was designed for connection flexibility as much as it was for encryption.  Perhaps, more so.

Feed Forward Type
She often interrupted to articulate the status in non-technical but nevertheless robust terms.  Because that was part of her role, each time they encountered a revealing clue they would reflexively look at her facial expression to anticipate that input.  All had to admit that, if anything, it promoted the continuity by engaging non-analytic perspective.

"Tease apart the two functions and their interaction in an intimate dialog?", even she would have to admit that her question took on somewhat of an analytical tone.

Meme fusion as sexual … and from the gentle gender's perspective that would be intimate. Combinatorial, emergence and a host of other concepts lit up the monitor. Once one's attention turns away from desired outcome and instead on actions deserving of outcome choices, symbiosis is engaged. It is pragmatic and spiritual at the same moment.

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