Friday, August 6, 2010

Evor, The Antidote

Say what?
Is there a pattern here? Advanced obfuscation version 1.1. The staples of domination that have gone very wrong in recent decades have been exposed to the world through a telling of recorded history.  As memory of those ill deeds has faded, they can be re-introduced. 

But to keep the wicked staples from from being quickly discredited history needs revision.  Not as daunting as it sounds. I think this works (at least some of the evidence shows that it does.

Do the following: Falsely accuse those who wish to discredit by widely asserting that they are the dominators who to wish manipulate for selfish ends. Deny access to the recorded details by confusing the index to them.

It is, as you can see, simple.  It is the basis of persuasion. And what may not have been obvious is that countering a simple formula is to step outside its assumptions. Back up the chain in a plausible way with the specific intent of negating its logic.

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  1. The strange word, reverse the letter sequence. Frontline.