Sunday, August 8, 2010

Smile, You Are On

Here before?
You see they are the master minions.  They do their owner's bidding essentially knowing very little, if anything about those in control. The incentive is quite high not to ask.  Keep in mind that the method of control is efficient in the extreme for such an arrangement.  It  is the classic "sell your soul" scenario. Pay high at the top, the rest is cheap.

Just a matter of months ago, a much smaller true-life example was thoroughly documented. Recall that an executive was given extreme liberty in pursuit of the organization's mission. The sponsor, so-to-speak, had no 'responsibility' in the amoral conduct of the executive in that no paper trail existed for the arrangement wherein the order amounted to "do what needs to be done, don't tell me about how you do it, just get it done. The more you accomplish, the higher your compensation - the sky is virtually the limit."

The deal is 'signed in blood'. The tale (some would say pattern) has been told many times throughout history. Religious texts are noted for telling variations on this story.  

Ironic then that religions can became the staging grounds for such implicit arrangements. One might reasonably ask, what is the difference between Universal Soldiers and High Income Executives in this regard? Lifestyle and clothing come to mind.  But it is what they have in common, these agents without conscience, that make them of particular interest in these perilous times.

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