Thursday, August 26, 2010

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"Part of the reason it is so effective is its ability to synthesize a framework that implicitly supports a select point of view. The believability is emergent though and the associated context is carefully chosen."

The first time visitor, still in awe, then asked, "So, in theory, the same technique could apply to a counter perspective?"


Tagging the concepts, before they were named had simply not occurred to the old planning paradigm adherents. Further, the network for planning support consisted, in part, of a subconscious element that was not part of the calibration. A type of dream, if you will. 

"He started it."
"And it seemingly goes on and on."

"Of course."

The answer surely lies somewhere across the Universe - nothing's going to change my world.

She understood on some level and knew that each of us did too … again, at some level. Drop dead gorgeous often hid her long endured nemesis. But a son was born of the couple at the threshold of light. This third wheel thankful for sharing some of the experience whose memory has now re-emerged. Clarity of emotion - the key to long term memory. The story still unfolding ...

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  1. Thank you, Terry. Incidentally, Tom knows, I want to be sure he knows that he does.