Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Trust Mart

"Trust will have to do, we can't all be experts in everything."

A Matter of Time
"Do you suppose that is why the few and powerful are so insecure? They hoard money trying to buy an anonymous proxy for trust?"

Relevant to some degree for the current situation. The dark vulnerable under-belly of formulas for life control. Who is afraid? All are afraid, it is a matter of degree.

He thought carefully about what had just been disclosed and asked. "How might we proceed, then? The timing seems ideal."

Some listened, others resisted. But the look in all eyes, encouraging. For those who had become accustomed to the seeming intractability of it all. 

We are social critters and most of us would not want to run the risk of admitting it. It is not a weakness, it is simply a necessity.

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