Thursday, June 10, 2010

Variations on Integer

Private done right. A community. It seemed so. Isolated. Things grow well close to the sea. Ocean air, hard on artifacts, gentle to the living. "They wink at you. Really." From the protected cove to the trail of midden shells, a time to contemplate and nurture a wounded heart or two. Her idea. In retrospect, long latency and profound.

Now many years after, those flights of fancy not an end or 'friend' to paranoia. A narrative became visible just in time … but at the eleventh hour. Many paths converged to make it possible. Desperate and insecure clawed at him with unreasonable urgency. This strength not derived from being taught. No, No.

"First, he must crawl."

Transcend the Groove

How much adaptation to a failing organizational model? Occasionally falling into the soup below becomes easier easier with time. The bridge knows both shores.

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