Friday, September 24, 2010

Bully Antidote

"Slow your competition down by getting them to ask the wrong question. How can we replace sources for growing energy demand when a better question would be, how do we stop wasting energy to slow - perhaps - reverse growing demand?

"Widely believed myths are not new. What is new is how fast a pervasive myth can be manufactured by a party with a hidden agenda using cutting-edge manipulation of communications technology.

"Surround the bully. Each potential victim in the group, knowing they have the support of others in the circle, steps up to confront the bully from her/his rear. The technique assures that the antagonist cannot project effectively because of the 360 degree field of the opposition.

"Its a group dynamic that can be cultivated. At the base is simple expression of subtle compassion. Efficacy of friends trumps projection of exploitive power."

The longer messages on the display usually meant either that the message was not expressed at its highest level or by incorporating an example, necessarily more verbose. This one appeared, at first, to be the latter.

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