Sunday, September 5, 2010

The List

Take a few examples from the list for consideration:

Take flight.
• Sloganize - co-opting mostly unrelated memory grooves.
• Repetition - reinforcement substituting for independent fact-checking.
• Obfuscation - hiding steps in the causal chain
• Desensitization - habituation that masks, especially supporting common-sense and/or logic or lack thereof.

"First entry confusing. On later return - more explicit. Context support through linking, often added later. Captioned graphic material - photos, charts, logos etc.  All designed to show the network from the top. Both historical and presentation(s) sequences in out-of-band storage.

"Watch closely as we near our destination. Our approach is typical of public access. The resources at the disposal of everyday citizens is quite remarkable these days. The technology is operationally intuitive. Old assumptions regarding expertise and where to get it are misleading in the extreme. Ironic that dispelling just such a deception is job one in our mission.

"Have you noticed how the phrase "too complex" has come up often in the discussion? As you will see in the process of getting closer, it is made to look complex in an attempt to prevent discovery of weaknesses in the operating model."

A stick would have been preferable for this landing but apparently not essential.  He pulled back on the throttles and lowered the landing gear.

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