Monday, September 13, 2010

Fairy Tail and Tale

Technical ...

"The not so little engine that could. If it is not so little, what about that sentence endears us to the concept? Why does it stimulate our instinct to nurture?  Because it is childlike? Perhaps innocent?"

"I know not which but intend to find out.", he declared.

Yes, that does just about summarize compassion at the nodes. If creativity goes astray - that is to say in service to afflictive emotion - the capacity to indiscriminately destroy increases. Conversely, when a subtle and profound meme, to take care of others prevails something akin to dawn emerges. Surrender to faith (notice that NO prepositional phrase follows) but embrace its growth without question.

He scrolled down to reveal another snippet, "Many who understand what I am saying are constrained by personal economics from speaking up. I am not. I have over the decades weened myself off of greed addiction or the crumbs left over from it  for 'professionals' (lawyers, academics etc.) The hidden pushers still subservient to that soul-killing substance continue their misguided ways in support of their habit. A compassionate intervention might just be the ticket. Am actively seeking principled mind practitioners for input on how to proceed."

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