Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Wake up angry?

"The feeling associated with insight revealed in a dream.  Its more about the efficacy of nocturnal mind events than about the silly controversy over what constitutes insight when we humans are awake and behaving badly. In my book, your insight is a good thing."

Nothing good on TV.
A daily practice makes sense. A habit of thinking deeply. Loyalty … not so much. And so it goes … and goes. Yes something will happen even if you are not looking. Its more likely something you will enjoy if you are … looking. Mindful. If that is difficult, perhaps one is working hard rather than smart?

"The high leverage point, find it through patience and dynamically calibrated filter. Execute at the eleventh hour. If time permits, iterate. Feedback is the reason for interactivity. Less teaching, more learning.  It is difficult to hear when talking. Or, for that matter, thinking about what next to say."

The cool summer reminds one of calm as optimum. No escape necessary this year. Home amongst friends is breathtaking (suggests optimal).

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