Thursday, September 23, 2010

Reflections of ...

"The relationship with the sponsor, it always had the feel of a … paradox.  The instructions were clear enough. Their meaning, the motivation behind them, anything but.  For instance, the clause about 'conscience as guide' was, in his view, completely unambiguous. The only time that adhering to it would give pause related to the depth to which the guidance was or was not understood.

Hidden Dimension
"Life as unconditional became a fractal like structure. Ever different but based on a simple formula. Seeking the formula, however, seemed always to lead to a rabbit trail."

The earworm, "… love and war." would come and go like tides and the weather summed up, rhythmic and - almost - predictable. Last night, when the issue of the mysterious sponsor came up on the screen, he jotted down a note for the machine, something to the effect, "what might be orthogonal to love and war?"

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