Saturday, September 18, 2010

Organic Obsolescence

"Propogation primitives mapped onto an essentially spherical surface. Maximum latency can therefore be known. It is a function of the time to travel a sequence of vectors at an approximately fixed speed summed with the delay at each vector intersection.", the snippet described one leg of one transaction. Accordingly, it did not consider the merging and inhibit issues typical of concept propagation.

"This meta-pattern has been useful in the signal transmission application and I can only guess at this point why it has come up in our context."

The team has learned to almost immediately dismiss the notion that these snippets emerging from the soup are "in left field" or "out of the park". They just would not come up if they were. 

Of course, a recurring theme applicable here has been the problem all along. The traditional specialities channel curiosity into a pattern that may well have out-lived its usefulness - perhaps long ago. Defining and naming a newly discovered set of primitives suggests that old categories are likely insufficient.

"The danger is that we are being led astray by manipulation of our own feedback systems. Remember the de-sensitization tactic used on us last time?"

"What do you mean ... ?", his too-good-to-true bubble burst in mid-sentence.

She put her hand on his shoulder to signal her intuition had been triggered. She knew, it was to soon to be explicit, though.

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