Friday, September 3, 2010

Radar Countermeasures

Under the radar, a fascinating concept. Flying close to the ground has worked. A light payload can avoid detection while moving quickly.  But if a heavy payload is required?

Pay a bit more, sacrifice speed and land at way points. Keeping the flight plan 'private' (secret) you can even stay under the 'extended' radar'.  

If one has the economic freedom and resources, there are a number of options to avoid detection. The vulnerability is if the methodology is discovered by the radar beneficiaries.

Radar is a receiving paradigm. It can be confused by a certain type of transmitters. Flying under the radar has a better chance if transmitters are built that overwhelm receiver selectivity. Even more effective if the builders of such facilities are unaware of this function for them.

"Now is the time to consider the communications map implications of these principles. Agreed?"

"I,ll bet they understand this well in Wichita and Singapore", she smiled.

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