Sunday, September 19, 2010

Weeks To Launch

"Yes, your holiness we are troublemakers, but we can make it better. A lot better.

"Choose your words carefully, then comment. Make sure that when somebody likes that comment and drills down into your presence they have something more to see, more words chosen carefully. Repeat ..."

Launch Pad

Easy to understand and fairly succinct, he thought. Yesterday was worth the bump in the road. It served to verify efficacy by falsifying the technique. 

Share with all.  He got that. But he still struggled a bit with a couple of special females. More than a couple he had to admit.

"She does not quite get it.", he admitted.

"Are you sure?"

"Well … how can I know if she does or not.", to impatient to give it more thought before seeking an answer.

"By understanding the way she is 'wired', to use your term."

"You too, lady."

"Of course."

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