Monday, September 20, 2010

Come again. You are welcome.

Back Door
Take a look at this. Lift off began in September. What was known at the time, interactivity and growth were highly correlated.  The noise was still significant but clearly less so with each passing day. A few of the new arrivals stayed long enough to start feeding the compassion baby.

Many who would have tried to stop it did not come for fear their privacy would be at risk.  How ironic. A large percentage of the fearful were unaware that their behavior actually helped the deep pockets that would abuse privacy for selfish purposes.

"if you rent your soul for what you perceive to be a good cause, don't be surprised to discover the fine print you missed at the time you signed up."

These little pearls and their associated graphics now a daily occurrence on the system monitor. Scaling up not nearly as intimidating as it would be without the biologic precedent. Time to express appreciation is seldom, if ever wasted. Think of it as the ACK (acknowledge) that confirms success.

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