Sunday, September 26, 2010

Ear to the Tracks

"Something akin to the tide, the rise and fall of the engaged and its inverse, the fall and rise of the controllers. The cycle repeats every few days it seems. Is there a way to perform a high quality measurement of the phenomena?

"What contributes to its resonance? The viscosity of the media, the mass of its environment or perhaps the dynamic force of its sources? And what of the vibrations oriented at odd angles?"

Soup View

Verbs are actions (sometimes on objects, sometimes not), nouns are objects or the special case, subjects. Empirical methods very useful here. The linguistic mother load, available now courtesy of those pesky change agents, humans.

Deciding to gather the tools quickly each turned to their console with a subtle grin. Above them on the system monitor a simple piece of code - the assignment,  x = faith() <-- CLICK IT.

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