Sunday, September 12, 2010

Opponents, why not?

He paraphrased her saying, "The suggestion is the healing mechanisms grew over the same period and, essentially, were subject to the same vulnerabilities of any other self-referencing cognitive mechanism."


She nodded confirmation and continued, "And the advent of self-actualizing daemons exponentially magnified the effect. Spectacular accidents and manipulative exploitation were inevitable, just like the beneficial creativity.

"Further, creating the impression that coping requires most of the energy available masks the opportunity to efficiently change the paradigm based on precision insight and timing. A representative 'choke point.' example. Leverage points of this type attract those insecure with power that is beyond their responsible capacity."

Anti-gravity seems easier than this, he thought. His joy derived from the immensity of the objective. Challenge is as much food to brain and friends as sugar, or sensory bandwidth.

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