Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Red, Gold and Humble

"Asking us to focus on a twisted interpretation of history so that we are less able to watch the atrocities in the present. The leadership can then control the the media's field-of-view. In so doing, put just enough time between the commission of atrocities and the attendant blow back."

Secret (don't click)
A pattern repeating as we speak, he realized. The tools of prediction based on the patterns of history is not new. Refining them to handle patterns not yet completely understood much less named, somewhat. A dear friend who promoted the discovery of this new field of learning was/is himself unknowingly caught up in the teach paradigm (broadcast) and undermined regularly by its one-way vulnerability.

As the abstraction engines we are, subject to huge blind spots. Work together not just because its fun or moral but because it is necessary and wise. Red and gold come to mind. Can you guess why?

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