Saturday, September 4, 2010

Heard On The Street

"If you can't do it through the normal channels, make new ones. Its not rocket science."

"But the 'normal channels' are what many  rely on."

"We have had  decades to put in place a way to circumvent that trust so as to install the new order. These methods have worked before."

Fascinating, this recorded conversation serving as an overview to the entire operation. Complex? Not really. Difficult to communicate to a brand new audience? Yes, because the obfuscation central to its plan worked well. Pre-Desensitization, for example ... very effective.

Funny, it seems they know our responses to a sketchy understanding of history better than we do. Too bad they don't have our best interests at heart.

"If the misinformation co-opted and channeled the anger, a clever campaign that engages a select sneezer audience's intelligence can propagate more quickly?"

"Seems so."

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