Thursday, September 9, 2010

One's Membrane

Practice, you will.

The eery lighting served no other purpose than to remind the crew that they were 'running silent'. The term was a bit of a misnomer since anything approaching true silence was not necessary. Their chatter needed only to be buried in the noise.

The feeling of suspense, palpable. Within easy reach was the memory of these people in this space discovering new tools at a blistering pace. Not that they did not remember or consider the secret activities of those wanting to derail their mission. It was, and for that matter, is the case that the other side too has to calibrate for an imperfect membrane (leakage, always leakage). 

The field of play is for the audience.  

While the work has wider implications, we still need to eat and sleep and perform a variety of other everyday activities. "Percolate, it will",  sayeth the  short and wrinkled one. Be calm, have faith.

"Stranger contains an early description of the waterbed, an invention which made its real-world debut a few years later in 1968. Charles Hall, who brought a waterbed design to the United States Patent Office, was refused a patent on the grounds that Heinlein's descriptions in Stranger and another novel, Double Star, constituted prior art.", yes that helps answer part of the question of what constitutes PUBLIC DOMAIN, he thought.

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