Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Secret Government

Excuse me diary if, I don't have enough time to document the detail supporting my abstractions of recent experiences. Hopefully that detail will follow shortly.  It does exist in the cloud and pre-access will be triggered automatically should inhibit signals inexplicably cease.

Maginificient Dream
The implication that my offspring may be at risk for my curiosity, particularly disconcerting though not totally unexpected. The methods for sustaining an addiction in its late stages are often rationalized to a very sophisticated degree. Behavioral dependence is widespread. If one looks, one can see it almost everywhere.  And looking inward is the most counterintuitive of all - it is a part of the syndrome.

In the spirit of the informational deterrent, I encourage those who have the requisite detail go to the cautionary alert stage.

MLK inspired many with his moving 'Dream' speech.  It ushered in a compassionate wave some would have us believe mere ordinary (non-rich) humans were not capable of understanding. The Reconciliation Commision's enormous success with something thought to be an intractable problem is another testament to the power of love and compassion.

I am reminded of the cycle of life by my sacred temple in less surprising ways every day now. When it is my time to go, the smile of Mavis will be on my face. This old white guy can get it right too. I encourage patience.

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