Friday, September 24, 2010

Carrier Muse (Field Theory)

Seemed odd when first reported. To this day it has a counter-intuitive vibe. An interesting consideration, though: A transform wherein one representation reveals the phenomena that is embedded in the other and nearly undetectable in its surrounding context.

The formal rigidity of mathematical relationships often hides their ability to contain spontaneity given a wide enough field.

"She came in through the bathroom window.", he said aloud.

"Instance convergence in the soup?", she completed his thought.

"That is my guess.", he acknowledged.

What key?
Its the melody that tells you something of value is there without saying what? Or perhaps by providing a supporting framework a deep poetry is propagated before it is understood? The mechanism, whatever it is, seems to work just fine.

The search pattern, then, is transform. Of how many dimensions, we maybe do not yet know.

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