Saturday, September 11, 2010

Invitation to a Subtle Conversation

"The display showed Glenn Beck standing in front of his blackboard with a very uncharacteristic but highly accurate diagram of a dominant but largely unknown control hierarchy on his blackboard.  The caption reads: 'What can I say, I got a better offer.'"

After the laughter died down, she remarked, "We know what worked, lets examine why it worked and discover why it was not done sooner.", She approached the control surface and began an interactive presentation.

A busy static graphic has  the downside that the individual audience participant's eye tracking sequence does not necessarily track the most efficacious build up of her/his mind's eye model. Over decades and with continuous improvement, the tools to effectively 'broadcast' a complex model had improved dramatically.  With the advent of artifact assisted conversation a new technology of real-time consensus-driven and shared presentation market developed. Not a trivial task, even without interference from those whose power might be threatened by such a development.

Jamming and related techniques would only buy time.  The newly insecure knew it. In a world of fast moving, widely available cognition support, decades old tools of the saboteur obsoleting at an accelerating pace.

"Remember, humor disarms afflictive judgement. In a non-threatening venue, the wolves-at-the-door are part of the joke. The ego becomes re-connected  with the rest of of one's cognitive resources. The fastest path to liberation is to ask why with an open mind. Much easier when one is calm."

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